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Country star Clint Black is celebrating 30 years of his album Killin’ Time on tour this year. He is returned to Cheyenne Frontier Days after performing here in 1990 and 1992. He is performing with Rascal Flatts on Saturday, July 20 at 8 p.m. at in Frontier Park.

I989 was a magical year for Black. He reached number one with five consecutive singles from his triple-platinum debut, Killin' Time, according to an official press release, he followed that with the triple-platinum Put Yourself in My Shoes, and then a string of platinum and gold albums throughout the '90s. Perhaps most impressively, Clint wrote or co-wrote every one of his more than three dozen chart hits, including "A Better Man," "Where Are You Now," "When My Ship Comes In," "A Good Run of Bad Luck," "Summer's Comin'," "Like the Rain" and "Nothin' But the Taillights," part of a catalog that produced 22 number one singles and made him one of the most successful singer/songwriters of the modern era.

Black has many accolades to celebrate. He has sold over 20 million records, earned more than a dozen gold and platinum awards in the U.S. and Canada including a GRAMMY. He has received two dozen major awards and nominations, and earned a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Black took time out of his busy touring schedule to do answer some questions for The Cheyenne Post from local fans and reporter Karen Cotton.

Q: How do you feel about performing at Cheyenne Frontier Days?

A:“The band and I are all excited,” he said. “CFD is one of the most thrilling crowds we’ve ever played for.”

Black said he and his band are all excited about performing again at Cheyenne Frontier Days in an email interview for The Cheyenne Post.

Q: “Will you be performing any songs with Rascal Flatts?”

A: “Rascal Flatts and I won’t be doing any songs together,” Black said. “We’re just coming together on this one show, so there wasn’t any time to work on anything. Would be fun, though!”

Q: How do you feel about performing on the same night as Rascal Flatts?

A: “We’re excited to see them. We haven’t shared a stage with them before.”

“Will your wife be singing any songs with you on stage?”

A:”Lisa won’t be there. It’s tough to get her to travel with me. Our daughter is off to college this Fall, so maybe that will change!”

Q: Will you be going to a parade or rodeo while you are in Cheyenne ? Or maybe touring the newly remodeled Capitol Building that will be opened to the public again on July 10?”

A: “Sadly, we’ll be blowing into town just in time for the show and pulling out right after. We’re moving pretty fast this run.”

Q: “What has been the biggest highlight of your career?”

A: “That’s a tough one. I loved winning an ACM with Lisa! Awards are always a great pat on the back, but that one meant so much more than winning one myself.”

Q: ”How do you feel about the 30th Anniversary of your Killin’ Time album?”

A:”Time flies! I’m happy to still be Killin’ Time. I love my job; the fans, and the people I work with. It’s very rewarding to still be making music.”

Q:“Out of all the songs that you’ve done, what’s your favorite one. And why?”

A: “When I Said I Do”. What it says about my marriage; having Lisa singing it with me, and the actual recording still gives me that feeling we look for when we finish a record.”

Q: “How do you feel about Wyoming and the people who live here?”

A: “I have friends from Wyoming and they’re a hoot! You’ve got to be pretty hardy and spirited, I imagine!”

Q:“How have you managed to have a life of music and touring, and such a strong marriage?”

A:”Nothing and no one can affect our marriage but us. We’re devoted to each other and the health of our marriage. We’re lucky to be good communicators, and I think that’s a critical element.”

Q: “Will you be acting in any upcoming movies? Or have any other creative projects in the works?”

A: “Nothing acting-wise on the horizon, but those things usually pop up out of nowhere. I have two albums coming out this year. One live album and a studio album later. Included on the live album are two studio tracks I just recorded. “

Q: “If you weren't a professional musician what would you be doing for work?”

A: “Hard to say. My other choice at age 17 was the Air Force. I had “singer’s grades”, so that wouldn’t have worked!”

Q: “What's your favorite thing to do in your downtime on tour?”

A: “Besides getting the heck off the bus!? The band and I play board games when we’re stuck somewhere; I practice guitar, play video games and lately, I’ve been tweaking edits on the stage video I produced for this tour and at the moment I’m editing the video for the new song. All of that can be done on a laptop now, so my bus is a rolling editing bay! I stay pretty busy out here.”

Q: “What is it like being a parent of a teenage daughter (Lily)?”

A: “It’s fantastic. She’s a great kid and very funny. Of course, I have the same concerns every parent has, but she gives us little to worry about.”

Q:“Does your daughter also sing or what are her plans for her future?”

“She does sing, dance and act,” Black said. “So far, she plans to go into the family business. She has joined me on stage a couple of times and can be heard on my full Christmas collection singing, ‘Magical Christmas,’ which I wrote for the female lead in the play I wrote and premiered at The Old Globe Theater last year in San Diego.”

Q: “What kind of advice would you give to musicians who want to break into the country music industry?”

A: “Practice on your instruments and know the works of those who came before you. Originality will depend on the latter.”

Q: Anything you’d like to add feel free to :)

A: “Excited to be coming back to Cheyenne Frontier Days! Thanks for your help!”

A quick look at Clint Black’s career

• Raised in the suburbs of Houston, Texas, Clint Black is the youngest of four brothers. He began performing with brother, Kevin at the family’s backyard barbecues.

• After high school, he spent 10 years on the local nightclub circuit and in 1989, he led a movement of young talent that transformed country music leading into the ‘90s.

• In 1989 Black surged to superstardom and reached number one with five consecutive singles from his Killin’ Time album that went triple-platinum.

• His triple-platinum Put Yourself in My Shoes album followed

• and then a string of platinum and gold albums throughout the '90s. Clint wrote or co-wrote every one of his more than three dozen chart hits, including "A Better Man," "Where Are You Now," "When My Ship Comes In," "A Good Run of Bad Luck,"

"Summer's Comin'," "Like the Rain" and "Nothin' But the Taillights."

• Along the way, he’s earned more than a dozen gold and platinum awards in the U.S. and Canada, landed nearly two dozen major awards and nominations, won a GRAMMY Award, countless Country Music Association, American Music Awards and Academy of Country

Music Awards, as well as a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

• In 2004, he scaled the top of the charts by trading lines with Buffett, Alan

Jackson, George Strait, Toby Keith and Kenny Chesney on the Hank Williams classic “Hey Good Looking.’”

• He contributed “The Great Mississippi Flood" to the 2005 post-Katrina charity album Hurricane Relief: Come Together Now.

• He released albums in 2004, 2005 and 2007.

• His interest in releasing new music waned when his record label closed its doors in 2008. He explains, “I had interest from major companies to sign deals, but declined

• Clint Black has written and produced songs for Hasbro’s children’s shows and in 2010 and 2012 starred in the films “Flicka 2” and “Flicka: Country Pride,” the latter with his wife and daughter.

• In 2013, the Cracker Barrel restaurant chain began marketing an album of Black’s hits, which continues to sell strongly.

• In early 2015, he collaborated with Joe Nichols on a Superstar Duets NBC-TV special for the Academy of Country Music.

• In 2015 released On Purpose, his first studio album of new material in nearly a decade. He dedicated the album to his father, who passed away in 2012. “My dad was a huge country fan and is the first reason I listen to country music.”

• 2018 was a particularly busy year for the Class of ‘89 alum. Always finding ways to challenge himself creatively, Clint produced his first ever holiday musical, titled Looking For Christmas, which focuses on family, love, and the magic of Christmas. It’s expected to tour in 2019. “This has been in the works for a while now and it was great to see the audience reaction. Working with James Sasser has been both a blessing and a learning experience and I believe that the story is relatable to many Americans, both young and old.”

• In 2019 Black is Celebrating the 30th anniversary of his Killin’ Time album releasing on a new tour

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