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Sir Mix-A-Lot performs at Fridays on the Plaza.

People jam packed the Depot Plaza to see Grammy award winning Sir Mix-A-Lot for the Extended Fridays on the Plaza on Saturday July 20th.

The crowd was pumped up from the moment he hit the stage. The Seattle, Washington native, performed songs such as his 1987 hit "Posse on Broadway" and ended the show with his 1993 Grammy Award winning hit "Baby Got Back", finishing the show just in time for the rain to start.

The audience filled the downtown city streets with the lyrics of several songs as they sang along with the Mix Master. Richard Johnson, Cheyenne native and former city councilman, said "he has never seen this many people on the plaza for a show". The City of Cheyenne Community Recreation and Events team organizes the Fridays on the Plaza, which is sponsored by the Wyoming Eagle Tribune.

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30 minutes before the show starts the Plaza was filling up with Sir Mix-A-Lot fans.

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A few minutes before the show started, the crowd was getting pumped up.

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Sir Mix-A-Lot brings out his old school bling.

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Sir Mix-A-Lot performs at Fridays on the Plaza.

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Sir Mix-A-Lot's crew member fanning the flames, during a performance of his rendition of "The Roof is on Fire"

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Sir Mix-A-Lot and his Crew perform at Fridays on the Plaza.