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Take a look at 'New Trailer' concept for Mission Impossible 7 - Dead Reckoning Part One (2023) (More Info About This Video Down Below)

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Inspiration behind this video:

While this Tweet will certainly pique the interest of Cruise fans, one frustrating element is the fact that McQuarrie didn't reveal exactly what movie the stunt he's describing will appear in. Unless his Tweet is misleading and he's referring to a Friday that happened long ago, it seems unlikely that it will appear in either Dead Reckoning Part One or Two, because principal photography wrapped on those films in September 2021. While it's possible that the stunt could be part of a reshoot, it seems more likely that it will be a part of an upcoming film that both of them are working on.

Unfortunately, that doesn't necessarily narrow things down. Cruise and the Mission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning Part One director are currently collaborating on at least four upcoming films, including a new action franchise, a musical, and a new collaboration with the director of Tropic Thunder. However, while all those are in development, they are actively in production on a collaboration with SpaceX that will be filmed in outer space. Considering how intense the technological necessities would be for that film, it seems most likely that this is the project McQuarrie was referring to in his Tweet.

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