17th Street Lighting Project - Reiman Corp photo

Downtown Cheyenne shines at night – except for one block. 

“Why would you skip an entire block?” asked Brian Snyder of Bohemian Metals.  He was referring to the 17th Street lighting project in downtown Cheyenne.  Strings of lights stretch across 17th Street from Warren Avenue to Carey Avenue.  There are no lights between Carey and Pioneer Avenue. The lights pick up again in the next block, between Pioneer and Thomes.

“I don’t know why they skipped us or where the money went,” said Katrina Amundson, owner of the 17th Street Salon.

Megan Giatroudakis runs Collectors Hub. “It’s kind of awkward, you know, having one block just completely skipped.”

Cheyenne City Councilman Pete Laybourn said the lighting project was part of a streetscape plan, which included repairing curbs and gutters and installing benches. He said the only part of the plan that was done was the lights.  And the lights between Pioneer and Thomes have not been maintained and are not coming on.

There is good news on the horizon.  Laybourn said funds to install lights on the block that’s been skipped have been found.  “The money’s there,” he said.  The city council passed a resolution committing those funds to adding lights to the missing block. 

Laybourn added that the lights may be installed by August, when the new courthouse at the intersection of Carey Avenue and 17th Street is completed. “We need to make sure that one block is done when the court’s done,” Laybourn said.