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Opening day at Dad's Donuts featuring The Boys Brew. Shown here, left to right are Fred Boykin, Lynn Boykin, Glenda Boykin, and Matthew Ichiyasu. 

Popular donut shop Dad’s Donuts, featuring The Boys Brew, has opened its second location in Cheyenne. The new location is at 501 E. Pershing Blvd, in the building that is anchored by Domino’s Pizza. The donut shop opened for business on Wednesday morning, March 4.

The first location of Dad’s Donuts opened in March of last year, at 715 South Greely Highway, in a bright yellow building on the east side of the street, across from Safeway. That location also features The Boys Brew coffee.

Dad’s Donuts is owned by Fred and Lynn Boykin.

They are a five-generation baking family, with most of the donut recipes from Fred’s great-grandfather, and all of them are made from scratch at their two baking lines at the South Greeley Highway location. “Our dough is really special, all handcrafted varieties including cake, buttermilk, old fashioned, cruller, and raised,” Lynn said.

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Fred Boykin, a third-generation baker, is the face and “dad” of Dad’s Donuts. He personally remodeled the new location, and on Wednesday was on hand to welcome the first customers. “I’m exhausted, but it’s worth it. We’ve had lots of happy customers already this morning,” Fred said. Boykin said the most popular donuts are the basic raised glazed donut, and the fanciest is the giant bearclaw.

The bakery also features gourmet coffee by The Boys Brew, which is owned by family members Jason and Heather Steelman. The coffee beans are obtained at the source by Jason, then custom-roasted, and then brewed on-site using older methods of brewing, using purified water. They feature a large variety of popular and unique coffee combinations and mixes including regular coffee, Espresso, and Latte's.

Lynn Boykin said they opened the new Pershing Boulevard location to meet customer demand. “There really isn’t a bakery and donut shop for this art of town. Our customers kept asking us for a location in this area,” she said.

Both locations are open daily. The South Greely Highway location is open 3:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., and the new Pershing Boulevard location is open 4:00 a.m. to Noon.

More information at their website,

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Wide assortment of made-fresh daily donuts, including the varied dough types and most popular, especially the giant bear claws, cinnamon, old fashioned, cake and raised in many different flavors and toppings. The new location features a new "topping station" where customers can add fancy toppings, and fruit and chocolate syrups.