Chris and Katie Brady, Owners of Mary's Mountain Cookies. 

Mary’s Mountain Cookies in downtown Cheyenne will tempt your sweet tooth. The fairly new to Cheyenne cookie store is open now, and they have hosted their grand opening celebration on Saturday August 24 from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. They have been open to the public since June 17.

During the grand opening, they introduced milk shakes and tornadoes, (ice cream and edible cookie dough milkshake), as well as a new lemon drop cookie, to their menu, Chris Brady, the owner of Mary’s Mountain Cookies said.


“We will also had some paw print cookies in honor of the downtown “dog days of summer” event that day,” he said. “A hundred percent of the proceeds from the sale of those cookies will go to the Cheyenne Animal Shelter.”

There is a story behind why Chris and his wife Katie decided to open the franchise, “We visited Fort Collins shortly after moving to Cheyenne a few years ago and found Mary’s Mountain Cookies,” Chris said. “We really liked them and wondered why there wasn’t one in Cheyenne; they were just so amazing. When I retired from the Air Force, in late 2017, Katie was teaching and I took a job traveling to Afghanistan.

We started looking for a way that I could stay home and the idea of starting our own business came up again. Katie submitted and inquiry about starting a Mary’s Mountain Cookie franchise and Mary herself contacted us last Fall. Everything just started to fall into place and, within 7 months, we were opening our doors downtown.

Chris said that Katie has always been the baker in the family.

“I can follow a recipe but not much else,” he said. “Mary has a great system and recipes to ensure that the flavor and quality of the cookies are always high quality. She’s been perfecting it for almost 30 years.”

Chris is a retired U.S. Air Force helicopter pilot and Katie is a school teacher by trade.

“Before we started the shop, we did a lot of research and continue to learn as the business grows,” he said. “Mary is a hands-on franchiser and is always available for questions and advice. We also took advantage of the amazing programs Wyoming and the city of Cheyenne have to offer small businesses. The Wyoming Small Business Development Council and Wyoming Business Council provided invaluable assistance navigating the various licensing, certification and financing issues involved with opening the shop.”

They have a couple of popular flavors of cookies that they sell.

“Our almond glazed sugar cookies are very popular as well as the S’mores,” he said.


Their cookies and ice cream vary in price.

“Our two-ounce cookies are $1.95 and our quarter pound cookies run from $2.95 to $3.50. Ice cream is $2.00 in a cup up to $4.50 for a dipped waffle cone,” Chris said.

They have a variety of beverages they serve, too.

“We have Snowy Elk coffee (locally roasted by Scott Gondzar). We also have milk (of course), water, sodas, Gatorade, and Red Bull,” he said.

They also have a wide range of other items they sell. “ We have party trays (an assortment of 1 oz. cookies), celebration cookies (big 12 in. cookies), ice cream sandwiches, edible cookie dough, gluten free and keto cookies.”

When asked about catering, Chris said, “I wouldn’t consider us as a catering company, but we can definitely work with customers to fulfill their cookie needs no matter what the occasion.”

Mary’s Mountain Cookies has been successful from the start.

“The response from the city of Cheyenne has been amazing!” he said. “We have so many people come in and thank us for opening the shop but we can’t thank everyone enough for all of the support. We’re just so happy to be here. Cheyenne is definitely a cookie town.

They have their reasons for choosing to have their shop in downtown Cheyenne.

“We traveled all over the U.S. in the military and even lived in England for a few years,” he said. “In every new place we always enjoyed going downtown; you could really get a feel for a city by their downtown. When we moved to Cheyenne it was no different. We took the kids, they were much younger, and headed down to see our new downtown.


We had a great time in the shops and museums but there was no place to get a treat for the kids when they got bored and irritable. When we solidified our plans to open the shop, downtown just made sense. There are so many great shops to visit and things to see and now there’s a place to get a sweet treat and, maybe, bribe the kids into a few more blocks of shopping.”

You can expect fresh cookies daily because they bake their cookies daily.

“Some of our cookies (glazed, frosted and dipped) need a little time in the refrigerator before going in the case but everything is fresh,” he said. “If in doubt, we bag it up and sell it as day old; which are still amazing and a great deal.”

Chris said they also sell anywhere from 300 to 500 cookies daily.

When asked if they do fundraising Chris said, “We haven’t started yet. We’re still a really new shop. Eventually we will offer 3 lb. containers of cookie dough.”


Mary's Mountain Cookies, 315 W Lincolnway.