Pinky Adoptable Dog


I am Pinky, a five-year old female large mixed breed. I am a natural-born athlete. If you want a friend to play and go on adventures with, I am your girl.

Shea Adoptable Dog


 I am Shea, a seven-year old female Retriever mix. I am a calm older girl that likes to chase squirrels and then cuddle on the couch for a nap.

Riki Adoptable Cat


I am Rikki, a five-year old female Domestic Shorthair mix. They say I am a “Nap Queen”, but really I just know how to relax and enjoy comfort. Ask about me today!

Nim Adoptable Cat


I am Nim, a seven-year old female Domestic Shorthair mix. I am an independent older gal. I am shy at first, but when I can trust you I am super sweet.  

Pickle2 Adoptable Cat


I am Pickle, a two-year old male Main Coon mix. Think of me as a kitten in a big cat suit. I can be shy, but I am playful, affectionate and intelligent.

Iris Adoptable Dog


I am Iris, a four-year old female Shepherd mix. As pretty as a spring flower and just as sweet. I have lots of energy to play and go on adventures with you.