Coronavirus testing is underway in Cheyenne, at the Wyoming Department of Health laboratory on College Drive.  The testing began about a week ago.  The lab confirmed a case from a woman in Sheridan County on Wednesday.

Kathy Emmons, Director of the Cheyenne-Laramie County Health Department said it was a two step process.  “When a person gets tested for the Covid-19 Coronavirus, there’s a swab that’s inserted up into their nasal passage and one is also inserted down their throat to get a swab, and then those get sent to the state lab.  That’s where the testing is actually confirmed.”  

Local health providers, including doctors and urgent care clinics, conduct the tests.  The health care provider then sends the specimens to the Wyoming Department of Health or a private lab.

“Those tests have to be submitted by a health care provider and in consultation with our staff here at the Department of Health,” said Kim Deti, Public Information Office for the Wyoming Department of Health.  “You can’t just send it, you’ve gotta check in first, because there are priorities.”

Deti said demand so far has been low, but she expects that may change.  The Wyoming Department of Health doesn’t charge to conduct the test. 

“There’s not a cost to actually run the test.  I can’t speak to what a doctor may or may not charge you for that visit.  And I don’t know what a private lab would charge you,” added Deti.

Deti said turnaround time for the actual test is very quick, but added it may take a little longer to get the results back because of the time it takes to get a specimen to the lab.