Registered Nurse Sami Brodhal

Registered Nurse Sami Brodhal uses hand sanitizer on her gloves before administering a COVID-19 test.  Brodahl was wearing two layers of gloves, a face shield, an N95 face mask, and scrubs. 

Laramie County began free COVID-19 tests last Wednesday at Laramie County Archer Complex and hundreds of people showed up to be tested. Drivers pulled into a garage and the tests were conducted as they sat in their vehicles.

“We had the highest record number of people we’ve ever had come through our testing facility yesterday (Wednesday), which I believe was right around 230,” said Emily Robinette, spokesperson for Laramie County Department of Health.

Signs guided drivers into the facility. After filling out a consent form and providing contact information, drivers pulled up to a nurse’s station. They and their passengers were instructed to tilt their heads back and a nurse leaned into the vehicle and collected a sample with a nasal swab. The drivers then left the facility.

Samples were tested at the Wyoming Public Health Laboratory in Cheyenne. Results could come back in one to two days.

“It just depends on how fast the lab is getting stuff returned to us and if there’s any kind of backlog there coming from other facilities,” Robinette said.

The move to Archer made it easier for residents to get tested.

“We want to be able to protect the safety of participants and staff, as well as preserve the integrity of the tests. Moving our testing to Archer will allow us to better serve the community,” said Kathy Emmons, Executive Director of the Laramie County Health Department.

The testing will continue into the foreseeable future.

“We’ll keep it going as long as there’s a need in the community for testing. None of us want COVID to continue any more than it already has. We’re really hoping for the day when we can pack up shop, but we’re excited that we can provide this free service for the community,” Robinette said.