Reunited dogs photo

Two stolen puppies have been reunited with their owners.

On Saturday, November 27th, two stolen puppies from Carr, Colorado were reunited to their owner with the help of the public, Cheyenne Police Department (CPD), and Laramie County Animal Control. Without the caring, helpful folks of Cheyenne these dogs would've had a very hard time making their way back home. Please continue to report any suspicious animal activity to Laramie County Animal Control by calling 307-637-6206.

As we enter colder months of the year, Animal Control would like to remind the public to keep animals out of frigid temperatures. Around this time of year Animal Control receives a significant amount of phone calls regarding animals kept outside in the cold. There are many factors that contribute into an animal's ability to withstand colder temperatures, however, if your animal is deemed to be outside without proper food, drink, or protection from the weather adequate for the species you can be cited according to Wyoming State Statute. Laramie County Animal Control’s goal is to have all animals happy and healthy through the holiday season and the rest of the winter. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact Laramie County Animal Control at 307-637-6206.