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Slow Roll is a low-impact, fun ride that is enjoyed by riders of all levels and ages.  

Cheyenne Slow Roll is a free, leisurely, Wednesday night, bicycle ride through the streets of downtown Cheyenne. It is a family friendly event that is open to all ages and abilities. The roll season starts the first Wednesday after Memorial Day and ends the Wednesday after Labor Day.

Event founders, Melanie Manchester and Jon Torney, said “they had been familiar with, and participated in Longmont, Colorado’s Bike Night”, which regularly draws at least 200 riders. They quickly concluded that Cheyenne cyclists should have the same opportunity to share in that community’s spirit. Since it’s inception in 2016, an ever-growing group of Cheyenne riders have come together to enjoy our short and wonderful summer weather, exercise, and meet fellow adventurers.”

Sean Baird, one of the organizers, said “that it is a no drop ride, meaning that no one will be left behind. If someone has a bike issue everyone stops to help, they make sure no one gets lost or falls behind.” He also said, “it’s a leisurely way to bring the community together and interact with people that you normally would not.”

Slow Roll participants relax and join in the ride each week, which resembles a bike parade of sorts. Neighborhood observers can be seen waving, cheering, and smiling as the caravan of bicycles rolls by. The leader for each week’s jaunt brings plenty of music and a bike-mounted sound system to keep the party rolling right along

Once a month they have a theme night. Everyone is encouraged to wear costumes that go with that night’s theme. They have a costume contest where the winner receives a free drink of their choice at Daniel Mark’s Brewery where the group congregates every week when the ride is over. Daniel Mark’s has been a huge supporter of the ride since its inception, by promoting the roll and giving discounts to the participants. The group also does a “Holy Trucks” event, in which, they ride by a lot of the historic downtown churches, stopping at the St. Mary’s Food Truck Rally before heading back to Holiday Park.

The last roll for the year will be held on Wednesday, September 4, and will conclude with a BBQ. The organizers are hoping to end the year with at least 40 riders participating. If you do not have a bike, you can use one of the Re-Ride bikes available at Holiday Park and around town.

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Leisurely cruise resembles bike parade.