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CPD Officer David Inman (right) with Aileen Dickson at the Oct. 2 event.  

The Cheyenne Police Department participated in the “National Coffee With a Cop Day” earlier this week (Wednesday Oct 2), and also last month (Sept 18). The event this week was at Starbucks, 2518 Dell Range Blvd, and in September was at Starbucks in Target.

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Officers David Allen (left) and David Inman greet Carl Rippey (center), at Oct. 2 event. 

The event is an opportunity to remove the physical barriers that routinely exist between police officers and community members, allowing for relaxed one-on-one interactions. Officers from various specialties were at the location throughout the event to talk with members of the public about whatever’s on their mind. The CPD has participated in numerous Coffee With a Cop events in 2018 and 2019, with various local coffee shops hosting the event.

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Officer Kevin Malatesta (right) withJeanifer Bussell, Starbucks Team Leader, at the September 18 event.