New officers Cheyenne Police photo

New officers welcomed to Cheyenne Police force, left to right, Officer Alarid, Officer van Swearingen, Officer Bolkovatz, Chief Mark Francisico

The Cheyenne Police Department (CPD) hired and swore in Teralyn Alarid, Mariah Bolkovatz, and Daniel van Swearingen as Cheyenne Police Officers, Monday, June 7, at the Public Safety Center.

The new officers will now attend the Wyoming Law Enforcement Academy located in Douglas.

Officers Bolkovatz and Alarid are both natives of Cheyenne, and they each express a strong desire to give back to their hometown.

"I have wanted to be a police officer since I was very young, Officer Bolkovatz said. "I have been very fortunate and blessed to grow up in a community where I felt safe and supported. Now, I want to be that person that supports and makes others feel safe."

Officer van Swearingen relocated to Wyoming from Alaska, where he was a teacher for eight years.

"I have wanted to make the career change to becoming a police officer for about five years now," Officer van Swearingen said. "I really like the idea of protecting and serving the citizens of Cheyenne."

The CPD's mission is "Protecting the Legend" by working in cooperation with Cheyenne's citizens to lead the charge in preventing crime and defending the community's rights. These recruits will be tasked with serving and protecting Wyoming's capital and its largest city in their new roles.

City officials, officers, members of the department, and family members attended the swearing-in ceremony and wished the new officers the best of luck and success in their new careers.

"These officers are the future of our organization," Chief of Police Mark Francisco said. "We are proud to welcome this next generation of leaders and appreciate their commitment to the police department and the community