Downtown Cheyenne Parking

Parking spaces can be hard to find in downtown Cheyenne

There may be changes coming in the way parking is enforced in downtown Cheyenne.  The Cheyenne Police took over enforcement of the parking ordinances in January of 2018.  Since then, they have seen a rise in parking tickets issued, but also an increase in businesses complying with the law.

But there has also been an increase in complaints.  “Parking is a very touchy subject,” said Cheyenne Police Department Public Information Officer Kevin Malatesta.  Money from the parking tickets goes to pay the bonds used to build the parking garages downtown.

The Cheyenne Police do not set the rules for parking.  Those are created through ordinances passed by the Cheyenne City Council, and implemented by the city traffic engineer.

The parking rules are enforced from Monday to Friday, from 8 AM to 5 PM.  Two community service officers are assigned to parking enforcement.  They use a new license plate reader system.  It takes pictures of license plates, and uses a computer system and GPS to determine how long a particular vehicle has been in a parking space.

Drivers have to move their vehicles at least 150 feet away to be counted as new in the parking system.  Malatesta said that was confusing and the police did not expect motorists to use measuring tape to determine a new parking spot.

“That may be changed in the future, just to make it make more sense,” he said.  Malatesta added that there will be other changes proposed for the city council to consider, but the police are not ready to go public with them yet.  He says the police will release their proposed changes in the next few weeks.

Malatesta highlighted Cheyenne’s new parking app – called ParkCheyenne.  He says the app can alert a motorist that their time is expiring.  The motorist can then decide to pay for additional parking using the app, and not have to move their car.  The app also alerts parking enforcement, so if a motorist does not pay for additional time or move their car, they may get a parking ticket.

It costs just $4 to park for the entire day in one of the city parking garages.  “Prices for parking haven’t changed in over 20 years,” said Malatesta. “If you go any place in the country and try to find daily parking for four bucks, you’d be hard pressed to find that,” he added.