Emilee Intlekofer photo

Emilee Intlekofer

The Black Dog Animal Rescue (BDAR) Board of Directors announced, Wednesday, December 1, that Emilee Intlekofer has been selected as the new executive director.

"After receiving applications from candidates across the country and conducting weeks of interviews, the Board of Directors is pleased to have selected Emilee Intlekofer," said Erin Benskin, Chairperson of the Board of Directors. "We are excited for this new chapter in BDAR's story. Emilee has extensive experience in animal rescue and has proven to be a pivotal team member at BDAR for many years. We are confident she will excel in her new role as the Executive Director and look forward to working with her in this new position."

Previously, Intlekofer was Black Dog Animal Rescue's Director of Operations. After 10 years with BDAR in various roles, her first day as Executive Director was Wednesday, December 1.

"I feel honored to have been chosen to assume this role with an organization that has meant so much to me for so long, and I am excited to work with our fantastic team of staff and volunteers to keep BDAR's momentum going for years to come," Intlekofer said.

Black Dog Animal Rescue was founded in 2008 and is Wyoming's largest companion animal welfare organization committed to serving the needs of the most at-risk animals across the state.

The mission of BDAR is to promote, provide, and advocate for the needs of companion animals. It is a non-profit organization with no contractual funding, and 100 percent of the donated funds contribute to local operations. For questions or to donate, visit bdar.org or call 307-514-4024.