Cheyenne Firefighters Fill The Boot

IAFF/MDA Fill-the-Boot! Cheyenne Firefighters are putting public safety first with regard to communicable spread of COVID-19, and kicking off a virtual Fill-the-Boot.

With lingering concerns regarding the spread of COVID-19, the Cheyenne Firefighters of Cheyenne Fire Rescue will be filling the boot differently this year.

Cheyenne Firefighters won’t let the virus slow down their efforts to improve the lives of those living with neuromuscular disease, though.  

“Time’s change, and we must change with the times,” said Derek Pollnow, coordinator of the Cheyenne Firefighters MDA efforts.

To alleviate the concerns of community spread of the COVID virus and while maintaining health orders and considerations with interactions and money handling, the Labor Day weekend tradition of more than 65 years will kick-off with a virtual fill-the-boot drive, which will carry on throughout the year.

“These changes are also to ensure that our firefighters are within departmental guidelines and expectations regarding our efforts to minimize any spread of COVID-19,” Pollnow said.

Aside from the virtual fill-the-boot fundraiser, events such as roof top rescues, Facebook pushup challenges and car washes will happen over the coming months. The firefighters are continuing with plans for the annual chili cook-off event as well but say that planning and execution will remain very fluid and dynamic.

“Unfortunately and sadly for us, we will not be at our normal storefronts to say hello to our community during this weekend. But we must put public safety first and continue to do our part with hindering the spread of COVID-19,” Pollnow said.

Cheyenne Firefighters want to thank their community for the continued support. The virtual fill-the-boot can be found on the Cheyenne Firefighters Facebook page, or by visiting