Cheyenne Kiwanis FFA Sale of Champions

Cheyenne Kiwanis Club invites the public to the 56th annual Kiwanis FFA “Sale of Champions” on Aug. 7, at the Laramie County Fair Grounds at Archer.


 This year we have all been forced to make changes due to COVID-19, and the youth of Laramie County and the Kiwanis FFA Sale are no different.

This year’s Laramie County Fair will not be the same, as animals will only be brought into the fair grounds and judged, and the crowds will not be there for the students to be recognized for their achievements and hard work. As a result of the concerns of COVID and the importance of social distancing, the Kiwanis FFA Sale has added the ability to bid on livestock on-line through, for those that are more comfortable practicing social distancing. All buyers should create an account and then request bidding credentials through CCI.Live.


 One thing that will remain the same is the livestock auction, which will continue to be the highlight of a year of hard work and dedication for Laramie County FFA members. As in the past, the dedication will continue to recognize the students for their hard work with beef cattle, market lambs and hogs, market goats and poultry, and for being selected a Champion by the judge.


 The success of the sale depends upon the support and generosity of patrons, which enables livestock exhibitors to be rewarded for their hard work and dedication with their FFA projects. This year, the public’s generosity is even more important than in years past. The money raised by these young agriculturists is used for scholarships and education, as well as for reinvestment in new animal projects. In addition to learning financial responsibility, raising livestock teaches life skills such as leadership, managing diversity and critical thinking. 

By participating in the sale, attendees will help to create future leaders of Laramie County. Supporting the auction by purchasing livestock will benefit a company through recognition of its purchase, a possible tax deduction, and an opportunity to promote the business. Also, buyers get a top-quality meat product for their use, or which can be donated to a worthy cause. 

While the FFA members benefit from the sale, Laramie County is also rewarded by the animals being donated to the various non-profit organizations which are vital to the organization’s ability to serve the community’s needs. Most of these non-profit organizations are facing added costs and have been greatly impacted by COVID, and yet are still serving the community in this time of need.


 Before the sale, the group will host a barbecue dinner catered by Uncle Fred’s Catering from Pine Bluffs, Wyoming. The cost of the dinner for buyers will be paid by the Cheyenne Kiwanis Club. However, all buyers must RSVP no later than July 31.  RSVP’s can be emailed to Kevin Burkett at, Each buyer will receive up to two dinner tickets. 

A cash bar will be provided. The dinner begins at 5:30 p.m. and the livestock sale will begin at approximately 7 p.m. For more info, call Cheyenne Kiwanis Club Agriculture Committee at 307-631-3887.