Shondra Derby

Shondra Derby

School: Triumph High School

Student name: Shondra Derby

Grade level: 12

Parents’/Guardians’ names: Bryan and Raeann Derby

Shondra Derby, who is a senior at Triumph High School, was selected as Laramie County School District 1’s Student of the Week for the week of Nov. 21.

She was nominated by the selection committee because she is a dedicated student. She is intelligent, happy, and a little shy.  

Derby’s family is proud of her artistic talents, and she plans to pursue a career in fashion design. Her friends describe her as fun-loving and open-minded. She is known to be a good friend that supports and cares for her classmates.

Derby is a member of the National Honor Society. She also participates in the school’s annual blood draw.

Derby said her favorite teacher is Amber Martens because she is kind and patient.