Animal cruelty to cat - May 15, 2020

Cheyenne Animal Control Officers and the Cheyenne Police were called to the scene of an apartment building on Sunday, May 11 where a small group of children, ages 8-13, had thrown the neighbor's one-year-old cat from a third-floor balcony.  Officers arrived as the children had retrieved the cat from the sidewalk and were planning a second round.

The owner surrendered the cat to the Cheyenne Animal Shelter where he was immediately triaged by the in-house medical team. His teeth and gums were bruised and bloody but despite his pain, he was friendly.  He is currently recuperating at the Shelter.

Animal Cruelty - cat and vet - May 15, 2020

The Cheyenne Police Officer will be filing an affidavit with the District Attorney's Office to charge all four children with animal cruelty.

For more information on the case, contact Officer David Inman, PIO Cheyenne Police Department at 307-275-1194. 

For more information on the cat, contact the Cheyenne Animal Shelter at 307-269-0970.