Mason Kitty

Brianna Mathewson and Mason Kitty.

With a few meals, a warm towel and a couple good nights of sleep, a stray cat named Mason has a new lease on his first of nine lives.

A concerned citizen trapped the tiny kitten, found without his mother, and brought him to the Cheyenne Animal Shelter. Officer Liam Young estimated the skinny kitty to be three and a half weeks old, and immediately prepared a kitten plate — a plate warmed in a microwave oven and topped with a towel.

Once placed on the towel, the kitten purred and wrapped itself in the towel.

Young said the kitten has already made himself at home and showed a little bit of personality.

"I couldn't believe just how friendly this little guy was. His name is ‘Mason.’” Young said, "He is a stray, feral cat with no mother, and he has more character than some humans. He's plump with food and making a full recovery."

Mason is enjoying life at a CAS foster home until he is old enough to neuter. Officer Young will give us updates about Mason in the next few weeks.