Zip codes donating the most money to Donald Trump

The 2022 midterm elections put former President Donald Trump's political influence, both within the Republican party and among the voting public, to the test.

Trump endorsed more than two dozen Republican candidates. While the GOP expected a "red wave" to deliver overwhelming control of both houses of Congress, the results were significantly more muted.

Democrats retained control of the Senate; and while Republicans have the House, the margin of success proved to be narrower than pro-Trump devotees anticipated. However, candidates that were given the thumbs up by Trump did not overwhelmingly win as expected.

Exactly how the election results will affect Trump's fundraising efforts remains to be seen. But Trump committees raised millions of dollars before the midterms, particularly after the FBI raided his Florida Mar-a-Lago home. In fact, by the end of July 2022, the political action committee Save America (one of Trump's largest PAC affiliates) had accumulated more than $99 million on Trump's behalf. While there are few restrictions on how Trump can use that money if he doesn't end up running for the presidency in 2024, he may not be able to use the millions already raised if he does, according to experts.

So, exactly where is the bulk of Trump support money coming from? The areas of the nation and the communities within them vary wildly. Republican-leaning voters are assumed to be older, predominantly white, well-educated, and more affluent than average. And while this is certainly true in many pockets of the country—such asPalm Beach, Florida, which is home to many seniors, and one zip code in New York City that's around 80% white and among the Big Aple's richest sections—there are exceptions.

Take Prairie Du Sac, Wisconsin, a small community just 30 miles outside the capital city of Madison. This township's zip code appears on this list, but the area went for Biden in 2020. Rhode Island is a deeply blue state, yet the community of Wyoming, population 233, donated to Trump at a higher rate than major metros like Reno, Nevada. And then there is Plain, Wisconsin, an only slightly conservative subsection of liberal Sauk County where less than 17% of the population holds a college degree.

In short, such variety speaks to the reach of Trump's continued influence despite very recent attempts by the Republican party to distance itself from him amidst the results of the 2022 midterms.

Stacker analyzed Federal Election Commission records from Jan. 1, 2021 through July 31, 2022, to compile a list of the 50 zip codes that have donated the most money to Donald Trump over the last two years. Each zip code is ranked by its total donation amount to the Donald J. Trump for President, Inc. campaign committee, filing as the Make America Great Again PAC.

Only FEC-processed records from unique individuals (as opposed to outside groups or committees) were considered. Slides also include the number of donations made toward Trump's campaign in that zip code and in the state overall. Demographic and population information is derived from the Census Bureau. The townships listed beside each zip code represent the most sizable community within that respective zip code, but do not necessarily encompass its entire population. They are offered as a geographic frame of reference.

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