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Nationwide, one in five students age 12 – 18 will experience bullying by peers. The bullying happens in school, after school hours and online.

Safe2Tell Wyoming aims to combat that trend, by making kids aware that they can inform on their bullies and end the bullying.

The Safe2Tell Wyoming program was established after Governor Mead signed into law Senate File 97 in March 2016, which authorized the Wyoming Attorney General to administer a call center and deliver information received in a confidential manner.

Operated out of the Wyoming Attorney General’s office, the Safe2Tell Wyoming program was not fully functional until October 2016 when the program was launched in the Natrona County School District. Shortly after, the program was available for every school in the state.   

Safe2Tell Wyoming offer students three ways of reporting, through its website,, by phone at 1-844-WYO-SAFE, and through the group’s mobile app.