CHEYENNE, Wyo., Jan. 13, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Greg Hawk has a passion for lost treasures, history - and life.  In his recently released videos, he takes you to the different locations in Arizona where each treasure story occurred. Hawk tells the treasure story in the video along with showing you the actual area today where the story most probably occurred. As he tells each story Hawk delves into the history of the area and what one may see and experience if you choose to explore it.

In these treasure hunting videos, some of which are based on stories in his book, Hawk gives the viewer the sense of what it feels like to be at the location of the story that took place more than 100 years ago.  At the end of each video, suggestions are made to what may interest you in that area of the state, thus promoting Arizona and surrounding areas.

On the website there is a blog and video for each treasure story so the viewer may read details of the story before watching the video. For more go to: Desert Roamer Press | Adventure Blog

Arizona is rich in history from the days of the Spanish Missions, the Indian uprisings, the mining boom that brought settlers to the Arizona Territory and later becoming a state. With desert and mountains, Arizona has much to offer in terms of year-round weather. There are large areas in the state for camping, hiking, four-wheeling, water sports and fishing. During the summer when it is hot in the desert one can escape to the Mogollon Rim with cooler temperatures, the vast National Forests, and the Grand Canyon. The wintertime brings people seeking warmer climates to Arizona so they may enjoy hiking, camping, four-wheeling, sightseeing and playing golf.   

Currently Greg Hawk is working on a new treasure story that he wishes to bring to TV as a documentary or even a series. A vast amount of research has gone into the project thus far in helping to narrow down the most probable location of the "lost treasure" in the story. All treasure hunts begin with a story and one must first decide if the story is true by finding documentation to support it. By searching early newspapers of the 1800's much has been learned about the area, the people, and the story leading up to the "lost treasure." There will be more news to come on this latest adventure.

Today, Hawk can be found traveling the Southwest in search of lost treasure, while creating his Treasure Hunting  video series with his own insight into treasures still hidden in the deserts and mountains of Arizona.

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