Rylee McCollum escort photo

Hundreds of community members and visitors gather in downtown Jackson on Monday to honor the family of Marine Lance Corporal Rylee McCollum as they are escorted home upon their return to Jackson. McCollum was a Jackson native who was one of 13 servicemen killed in Afghanistan during operations to help Americans and Afghan allies flee the country.

Memorial services for Rylee McCollum, the Wyoming Marine killed in last week’s airport bombing in Kabul, will take place after his baby is born.

“We are waiting until Gigi (Crayton, McCollum’s widow) has the baby and can safely travel again,” the Marine’s sister, Roice McCollum, told the Star-Tribune.

In an interview with Fox News, Tuesday morning, McCollum’s family said that Crayton is staying at Camp Pendleton, the Marine Corps’ West Coast base camp in Southern California. She should be expecting the baby in roughly two weeks.

“The girl is so strong,” McCollum’s father, Jim, told Fox News. “Obviously, she’s heartbroken, she’s confused, she’s devastated, she’s trying to process this... She is going to be a wonderful mother; she loved Rylee so much.”

In the same interview, Jim McCollum said the family plans to wait for Crayton to have the baby and give her time to settle in before having “a celebration of life for Rylee somewhere down the road.”