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The Wyoming Republican Party sent out an email today, complaining about Senator Cynthia Lummis' (R-WY) vote in support of the Respect for Marriage Act. The bipartisan measure repeals the Defense of Marriage Act and requires the federal government to recognize the validity of same-sex and interracial marriages.  

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints released a statement supporting the measure, saying "As we work together to preserve the principles and practices of religious freedom together with the rights of LGBTQ individuals, much can be accomplished to heal relationships and foster greater understanding."

The Republican Party email says its platform opposes the Respect for Marriage Act.

Dear Wyoming Republicans and County Leaders,

Yesterday’s vote on the “Respect for Marriage Act” sadly saw our own Senator Lummis vote aye. This act threatens religious liberties and is opposed to the Wyoming Republican Party Platform which was ADOPTED UNANIMOUSLY at the May 2022 Republican State Convention by more than 400 delegates from across the state.

Please reach out to our Federal Representatives and

let them know our Platform is important to YOU and their representation needs to reflect their constituents’ values and priorities!

Here’s the exact language of pertinent planks of our Platform:

Plank 8 – Marriage is defined as the union of one man and one woman.

Plank 6 – The freedom to practice one’s faith is a God-given fundamental natural right, secured by both the Constitution of the United States and the Wyoming Constitution, and shall never be infringed. The First Amendment does not require the expulsion of religion from public life. We must keep in mind the Judeo-Christian principles of the Founding Fathers when they wrote it; the practice of faith under this tradition encourages good moral behavior and the development of character that helps secure the other fundamental bases of our national citizenship. Freedom of religion, and the free exercise thereof, included the right to abstain from actions contrary to one’s religious beliefs.

The Wyoming Republican Party Convention in May 2022, referenced in the email above, did not include most of the delegates from Natrona and Laramie Counties.  Delegates from the two counties were barred from attending for different reasons.