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As Americans we have to come together and recognize the issues we face today is a result of political differences caused by two parties that fight for power every two years.

Both parties call their opponents un-American, claim the other party is destroying the country and seek a party only agenda.

I’m just as guilty as most Americans, by putting my support to a political party over country.

If we want to be a proud country, we all need to put country over party, we need to stop thinking our political party values are better than our American values.

Our foundation is the Bill of Rights, Constitution and the freedoms all Americans enjoy.

If Americans have concerns such as discrimination, inequality or voter fraud, we should put our personal feelings aside and seek to understand their concerns and heal those concerns through civil discussion and proper action.

Social media and media outlets have provided the means for political warfare and the ability to create political mobs, thus causing some of the greatest division America has witnessed in decades.

I challenge myself and other Americans to immediately become supporters of American values and embrace all Americans.

Let’s hold political parties accountable and not give them the ability to divide America.

God bless you and your family, let’s come together and put first our American values, over political agendas and platforms.

Finally, remember those service members that gave their life or are still missing in action to defend American values and freedoms.

God bless America!

Thank you for considering this, I have been a proud subscriber for the last year.

Justin Tripp