Joe Mavilia

I feel obligated to share some information that is fact.

Mark Twain is quoted as saying, “Always do the right thing, it will gratify some and Astonish the rest”.

Well, I’ve listened to Joe Namath and gag when he pushes Managed Care. I’ve lost all respect for this Hall of Famer for selling out all seniors who take his advice.

“Joe Namath Misleads Seniors in Medicare Advantage Ad”. You can read more about this at:

Fact: Medicare is available to our seniors at age 65

Fact: Managed Care takes 50% of your benefit if you buy their lies.

Fact: Care when ill goes down proportionally when you give up your Medicare Benefits (That you paid into all of your life).

Fact: Everyone connected with any Managed Care programs are leaches who are stealing from you, at the cost of your health care.

Fact: Care facilities love to see you when you have Medicare and really happy to see that you have a supplemental health care policy (as I do with Anthem Blue Cross). Why, because they get up to 100% of the cost of giving you good health care. CONVERSELY, they are aghast to see that you have Managed Care because they only can receive 50% of what they should receive. RESULT – What do you think happens to your care when Managed Care forces you out of treatment in half the time? Yep, dangerous care and Joe Namath and everyone connected with the Managed Care scam don’t give a damn what happens to you. 

Bottom line: DO NOT give up Medicare for Managed Care. You paid into it so “get all the benefits you deserve” to take Namath’s BS line to sell you the Brooklyn Bridge. You already have Medicare. Don’t give it away. If you think for a moment they give you stuff for free go ahead and buy the Bridge too.