Back in January 2020 the Covid 19 matter was ramping up or being ramped up whichever side of the isle you support.

Joe Mavilia

At that time, I avoided the much ado about nothing more than life’s little hic ups over time. I decided to retire and avoid the fray that was sure to ensue. I wrote a lot to friends and others via Facebook and emails to voice my doubts that this disease was as bad as it was being communicated to us. I sent out data showing the relative effects of Pandemics of the past 100 years. Covid 19 was almost indistinguishable alongside other Pandemics. There had to be some motive to make such a fuss about something little less than the usual annual flu.

I know some people bought the narrative being sold by the Left in America, but I did not, do not and I predict we will one day know it was all a political ploy to unseat President Trump while at the same time to test the waters of how much control of the worlds people could be achieved by the powers that be.

As an example of what I suspected back then is now proven by the data that proves my assertions.

To restate that position then is that: The US daily death rate at the end of 2019 was 8,800 for sake of discussion. As the months passed numbers approaching an average of 800-1,000 per day were said to be dying from Covid 19 according to the ‘authorities’ and the cooperative press.

(Research of official death records from the CDC: “On an average day, nearly 8,800 people die from all causes in the United States, based on data from 2019 consistent with historical data”).

My contention then and now is simply this. If indeed 200,000 deaths are attributed to CV 19 at this writing, in November 2020, then the numbers would be hugely higher than the actual death rate from ALL Causes. Such a drastic increase is simply not supported from the data that has been recorded for many decades. Do your own research and look at the numbers going back to the mid-20th Century or earlier that covers all of the Pandemics over ¾ of a Century.

Now the numbers are released:

Year Death Rate Growth Rate

2020 8.880 1.120%

2019 8.782 1.120%

2018 8.685 1.220%

There are no conspiracy theories needed here. Just the facts mam and sirs. You take it from there. Believe the democrats and the media or your lying eyes, ears, and common sense. We all have choices and opinions, but you can’t have your own facts.

Finally, consider this: Seasonal Flu numbers decreased 90% at the same time Covid was blamed for the increase in deaths. Reason: Hospitals who treated Covid positive people we given $13,000 for each patient cared for. It was ostensibly given for the added safety and security procedures required / mandated. A simple check mark on a form gave the health care facility found money via our tax dollars. So, if someone comes in with the flu check Covid thus almost no seasonal flu but an increase in Covid.

Bottom line is that the total daily deaths did not spike because it was simply a matter of reclassifying the cause of death from seasonal flu to Covid.

Joe Mavilia is a syndicated columnist who has written for major news outlets.