Since launching The Cheyenne Post online and newspaper, we’ve had a lot of inquiries and questions from readers about our editorial points of view. Great questions asking about everything from our political views “so are you liberal or conservative?” to “if we send you stuff will your print it?”

To answer most of those questions, here is some insight into how we see things from a news, editorial and content point of view. We are committed to the ideals of independent, non-bias journalism and reporting. We strive to adhere to high editorial standards. We’re not perfect and we’ll make mistakes – and when we do, we’ll correct them. These are our positions, and we’re not passing judgment on any other media outlet who may do things differently. That said, here’s a bit of what we’re all about editorially:

This is your paper. We own the business assets and run the day-to day business of getting the paper out and website kept current, but this news outlet is yours. That’s a broad point of view that we embrace because it helps keep our focus on you. This news outlet needs to be like a mirror – when you pick it up, we want you to see yourselves, and not us. We want to present content that is destined for a refrigerator magnet.

Left or Right Leaning, Bias, Fake News, Wire Services: I bundled these together because we want to avoid them all like the Plague. In our view, there isn’t much difference between them. As for being left or right leaning, we are neither. That’s not to say individual journalists don’t have their own political views and leanings – they do, and that’s okay – but not one ounce of bias should ever appear in the news columns, affect story selection or placement, or blow something totally out of proportion that drives a particular agenda. The best way for us to avoid fake news is to avoid wire services for the paper, since many of the news outlets that feed into the wire are proven factories of fake news and extreme bias, and we just can’t have that here.

Submitted Content: We believe that if there is news content that you think should be in The Cheyenne Post, then so do we. And it goes to the top of the list. Our highest priority is on reader and community-driven content. That content may appear in the form of a letter to the editor, calendar event, or other category as appropriate, but in general we place the highest priority on content that you have taken the time to send to us.

Routine Arrests and Charges: We will not be publishing the names of people arrested in Cheyenne and Laramie County. We will publish those statistics and totals, and news about charges for significant, serious crimes or high-profile people – but not routine arrests or charges, if and until they result in a conviction or sentencing, which we believe is more relevant and newsworthy that publishing the name of every person arrested and charged.

Political Candidate Endorsements: We will not be endorsing political candidates for elections in Cheyenne and Laramie County. Instead – we’ll be providing candidate news coverage, and providing voter information, candidate profiles and statements, and biographies – and take the bold step of letting you decide for yourself who you should vote for. Who are we to tell you who to vote for? And if we did endorse one candidate over the other, we think that taints the perception of our coverage of those candidates from that point forward. So, we’re not in the candidate endorsement business. We might make recommendations or write editorials about ballot issues, but not candidates. The most important thing we can do is help inform you, and encourage you to get out and actually vote. What you do with your ballot is your business, and none of ours.

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